West Midlands Faiths Forum

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Inter Faith Groups
The following information has been supplied courtesy of Interfaith UK

Birmingham Council of Faiths

Area served: City of Birmingham

birmingham_map Main aims: To promote and maintain harmonious relations between people of different faiths in the city. To promote the study of all religions so that the followers of one religion may have a better understanding of the other religions. To be alert to issues of peace, justice and tolerance in our city.


Birmingham Council of Christians and Jews

birmingham_mapArea served: Birmingham and surrounding areas

Main aims: to promote dialogue and understanding. CCJ encourages Jews and Christians to appreciate and respect each other's distinctive beliefs whilst recognising their common ground.


Birmingham Faith Leaders' Group

birmingham_mapArea served: Birmingham and surrounding area

Main aims: To discuss issues of common concern

Year founded: 2001 Registered charity number: N/A

Faiths and beliefs currently involved: Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh


Coventry Inter-Faith Group

coventry_mapArea served: City of Coventry

Main aims: To promote understanding and friendship between persons of different faiths. To learn together about other faiths.

Year founded: c1978    Registered charity number: N/A